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Engaged student learning strategic enhancement programme

The Engaged Student Learning strategic enhancement programme builds on the HEA Framework for Partnership in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and an accompanying report launched in July 2014. The publications offered a framework which institutions can use to support them in the identification and development of effective practice in enhancing engaged student learning. The programme will assist participants in identifying and further developing ‘high impact’ pedagogical approaches at institutional and discipline level that are effective in generating engaged student learning including through the use of digital technologies. There will be a focus on applying and developing the institutional and sector-wide evidence base to support effective enhancement.

There are currently 20 higher education providers across the UK participating in this strand:

Higher education provider Project lead Description
Arts University Bournemouth

Dr Kavita Hayton

This project aims to directly engage students by expanding AUB's community of practice through a variety of creative writing interventions led by the Creative Writer in Residence under the umbrella of a dynamic and interdisciplinary Make/Write/Create project.

Bedford College of Further and Higher Education

Susan Blackman

The Bedford College team plan to inform their HE stakeholder engagement policy and set the foundations for consistency and fairness in practice across the institution. The aim is to examine the motivations and rationales for staff and student engagement and secure a working group of five staff and five students.
Cranfield University Heather Smith The team plan to improve the uptake and effective use of tools and technologies and to further develop the flipped classroom trial as well as clear strategies for evaluating impact on student learning experiences.
Glasgow Caledonian University Dr Wendy Mayne At Glasgow Caledonian the team plan to re-design the pre-registration Nursing curriculum and explore developing the use of digital technologies to engage students within the learning process.
King's College London Dr Eugenia Kravariti KCL plan to expand their e-Q&A Helpdesk to assist all students at the Institute of Psychiatry Psychology and Neuroscience to better engage with their research methods and statistics learning.
Kingston University London Sonya Sharma and Jackie Smart The Kingston team plan to create a partnership between the Sociology and Drama subjects to provide opportunities for dialogue and more imaginative collaborations to act as a model for partnerships between other non-aligned subjects.
Leeds City College Janet Faulkner Leeds City College plan to work with the Students' Union to find ways of further developing the current student engagement to a higher level and promote scholarly activity across the HE curriculum to look at ways of bringing tutors and students together in developing areas of research.
Leeds Trinity University Prof. Judy Donnelly The Leeds Trinity team plan to trial and evaluate approaches in using peer review to improve student attainment building expertise and knowledge gained through collaborating with and consulting with colleagues across the sector.
Loughborough University Dr Carol Robinson At Loughborough the team plan to complete their framework for programme design delivery and assessment in a blended learning environment and test out the framework in practice. In addition the team will lead a project to enhance the personal tutoring experience and a joint project to undertake a 'conversation' with students and staff to review and reflect on mechanisms for student engagement and make recommendations for future change.
Newcastle College Dr Jonathan Eaton Newcastle College seek to develop an institutional model for the adoption of 'Student as Producer' which utilises and evaluates existing structures to encourage active learning in partnership with students.
Plymouth University Prof. Pauline Kneale Plymouth plan to support four projects around virtual patients inter-professional learning student-led grand rounds and student-teacher partnerships.
Royal Agricultural University Emma Maskell RAU plan to improve and develop current mechanisms for staff student partnership in quality enhancement curriculum review and development and ensure this feeds into developing high impact pedagogical approaches to generating engaged student learning.
The Open University Dr Lynda Prescott

The Open University plan to change current practice in the Arts teaching model by linking the teaching offered by Associate Lecturers more firmly with the teaching that has been designed by the central module team through the medium of their VLE.

University Campus Suffolk Christine Smith The UCS team will focus their project at three levels 1) at the institutional level to involve a small group of students in module/programme design and development activities to enhance their role prior to re-approval and validation; 2) at the departmental/ programme level to engage in the use of innovative and creative forms of assessment such as around creative/digital forms negotiated assessments and/or peer assessments; 3) at the individual leaner level to explore students' understanding of learning relationship at university and ways to promote better understanding of learning relationships within HE.
University of Exeter Corony Edwards At Exeter the team plan to focus on entrepreneurship and the breadth of the language services industry and open up the project to students across the College of Humanities those with a knowledge of languages and those who wish to explore the roles of project managers industry researchers and proof readers.
University of Hertfordshire Joy Jarvis A scoping study will be carried out across the University of Hertfordshire to explore staff and student perceptions and understanding of staff-student partnership working; identify the range of approaches to student-staff partnership working cu and prepare some examples as case studies.
University of Leicester Kerry Dobbins The Leicester team plan to develop institutional practice relating to the implementation of a learning outcomes approach within modules. The aim is to develop the practice of engaging students in the creation of particular learning outcomes that a module or course aims to achieve.
University of Southampton Dr Eleanor Quince The team plan to develop the current student champion groups into a coherent group called 'Opportunity at the University of Southampton (OPUS) Champions' to create additional learning and development opportunities for students.
University of Strathclyde Dr Mark Ellis Strathclyde plan to inform University-wide practice by focusing on increased engagement of students in their own learning and development across the six undergraduate programmes in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.
University of York Dr Ruth Mewis York are bringing together departments to systematically evaluate current provision in a coherent way to develop a shared understanding of what is effective practice in teaching and developing research skills to ensure engaged student learning. The Department of Education's expertise in evaluating educational interventions will be disseminated across the university and evaluations of the perceived effectiveness and students' attitudes towards research skills will be carried out.