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Equality in admissions

A joint publication with the Supporting Professionalism in Admissions programme.

This briefing has been developed in response to requests from admissions staff for guidance on conducting equality impact assessments. It provides institutions with a practical starting point for carrying
out equality impact assessments in relation to their admissions policies, practices and procedures.

It will help institutions identify when impact assessments are required, who
needs to be included in the process and how, as well as the steps to take if
negative impacts are identified.

The briefing also includes case studies of institutions’ experiences in conducting admissions impact assessments.

The briefing will be useful for staff involved in admissions policies, practices and procedures, staff responsible for conducting equality impact assessments and equality and diversity teams. It will also be relevant for staff working in student recruitment and widening inclusion.

Topics covered by this briefing include:

  • What an equality impact assessment is
  • Why they are necessary
  • A brief guide
  • The scope of an impact assessment
  • Involvement and consultation
  • Positive and negative impacts
  • Reporting the findings
  • Case studies
  • Frequently asked questions



Equality in admissions PDF version
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Equality in admissions WORD version
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