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Equality and diversity in learning and teaching in Scottish universities: trends perspectives and opportunities

This publication reports on a desk-based analysis of engagement with equality and diversity in learning and teaching at Scotland’s universities. It:

  • provides an overview of the higher education policy ecosystem in Scotland in which the equality and diversity agenda operates;
  • explores current trends in learning and teaching practices processes and regimes in relation to equality and diversity;
  • offers theoretical and practical explorations of opportunities and ways forward to improve student learning in this area that concentrate less on fixed curriculum-design methods and methodologies and more on relational approaches to change.

The report was composed with two audiences in mind for whom different sections will be more useful (see page 12):

  1. Academic leaders and higher education policy-makers who lead on engagement with the equality and diversity agenda especially through its expression within the public sector equality duty (general and Scotland-specific duties).
  2. Disciplinary academics and educational developers who want to draw on both practical and speculative opportunities to improve student learning through the design and implementation of inclusive teaching and curriculum at the same time as addressing the specifics of the legislation.

The report is accompanied by two responses: one by the Equality Challenge Unit the other by Universities Scotland. These responses highlight key findings of the report and their implications for the organisations’ main stakeholders and further ways forward for learning and teaching practitioners and policy makers within the higher education sector.

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