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An evaluation of Accelerated Learning Degrees - STEM Conference 2018

The UK Government is currently re-emphasising the value of Accelerated Learning degrees as a means of widening participation in Higher Education and offering more flexible study opportunity. This paper aims to share findings arising from participation in an earlier HEFCE-funded pilot of fast-track degrees in 2008-2010. An evaluation research methodology was applied to a suite of three degrees offered in the Computing subject area and the objectives of the session will be to:
• explain the concept of Accelerated Learning and its role in HE delivery;
• illustrate how the design of an Accelerated Learning programme differs from traditional provision;
• explore how the resulting environment influences student learning;
• share findings arising from the running of the degrees in practice.
The findings are relevant to both academics and students and it was seen throughout the pilot that Accelerated Learning requires a high degree of motivation and commitment from both parties.

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