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Flexible pedagogies: preparing for the future

The need to develop new ways of learning has become a live issue in HE largely linked with the demand for increased flexibility of pace place and mode of delivery. This project:

  • provides information and examples of pedagogical practices that:
    • are most likely to be effective
    • will contribute to the empowerment of learners in the 21st century
  • recommends preparations for implementation of these practices to institutions
  • establishes a database of pertinent initiatives which can serve as a set of resources for the sector

The project initially focused on four flexible learning strands. A report is available for each one:

  • part-time learners and learning
  • employer engagement and work-based learning
  • new pedagogical ideas
  • technology-enhanced learning

An overarching flexible pedagogies report provides an overview of each separate report and includes a critical analysis of:

  • what flexibility may mean
  • the conditions under which increased flexibility is likely to flourish within the UK HE system

Conditions of Flexibility: securing a more responsive higher education system

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The materials published on this page were originally created by the Higher Education Academy.