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Framework for Flexible Learning

Flexible learning is an educational approach that employs pedagogically informed technologies to create personalised, engaging learning experiences, allowing students to choose how, what, when, and where they learn. Recognising that students’ needs, aspirations and commitments can evolve throughout their course, flexible learning ensures an engaging, personalised experience, supporting all students in reaching their potential.

Flexible learning requires partnership between all stakeholders: educators, institutions, students and employers, therefore the framework is intended to be accessible to a wide audience. It may be particularly useful for:

  • Decision makers
  • Course leaders
  • Students
  • Employers

The framework is part of the Essential Frameworks for Enhancing Student Success series.

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Does your institution need support to develop your flexible learning approach? 

Institutions that adopt a flexible learning approach are responding to the diverse needs of learners and their employers; this can positively impact recruitment, retention and progression and widen participation, and support the upskilling and reskilling of the workforce. We work with you – understanding your context – to enhance your ways of working and learning. 

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Upcoming events 

Flexible Learning Symposium 2024

5 June 2024, Virtual

The symposium, via keynotes, oral presentations and workshops, will bring together experts in Flexible Learning, alongside practitioners from the sector, to share the latest ideas, initiatives and best practice.
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Teaching and Learning Conference 2024

2 – 4 July 2024, Nottingham, UK

Our flagship conference attracting HE practitioners involved in all aspects of HE teaching and learning from the UK and overseas.
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Conducted by Professor Mark Loon of Northumbria University, this literature review aims to identify flexible learning trends, issues and impact from 2016 to the end of 2021, with particular focus on identifying 'what works' in the design, development and implementation of flexible learning.

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Student Success Project: Flexible Learning

This project aims to support members in developing and implementing practical, evidence-based approaches to flexible learning in higher education.

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This short report is a high-level analysis of various AI-centric projects undertaken within HEIs. The data for this analysis was collected as part of a member benefit project entitled “AI Garage”, where the ‘garage’ can either be taken as a metaphor for the creativity of a garage band or as an allusion to how many technology innovations claim to be created in a garage. 

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Meet the project leads

Dr Kay Hack (PFHEA)

Lead Consultant (Education)
Advance HE
Dr Kay Hack
Kay leads a team of senior consultants to deliver a range of services to the HE sector to support strategic leadership and change in HEIs.
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