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Framework for Transforming Assessment

This framework has been designed  by the HEA* to support  you with the process of transforming assessment.  The HEA recognise it is time to significantly re-think assessment policy and practice drawing on a wide body of scholarship and data to inform such changes.   

Engaging in a process of transforming assessment can have a positive impact upon student learning as well as on student satisfaction.  It can help ensure that staff and students have a greater understanding of and confidence in academic standards.

We have designed this framework for a wide range of staff in HE including those who teach those tasked with changing assessment policy and practice as well as those responsible for quality assurance or enhancement centrally or in particular discipline areas.

Adaptable and flexible to meet your needs

This framework aligned to the UK Professional Standards Framework can be used in different ways and adapted to your particular context

We provide a complementary toolkit to help you apply it into policy and/or practice.  

We also provide consultancy to support you to embed this or any of our other frameworks across your institution faculty department programme.  

*The framework is based on the HEA’s publication A Marked Improvement: Transforming assessment in higher education (2012) involving leading experts.  It is also informed by the findings of the HEA’s Transforming Assessment Pilot Scheme (2013-14) that was set up to apply the framework and evaluate the assessment review tool provided by A Marked Improvement to advance change in assessment strategy.