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Getting animated about flexible learning

The project focusses on four contrasting scenarios of ‘would-be’ higher education institutions based on evidence gathered from Sheffield Hallam University stakeholders with expertise and lived experience of flexible learning. Sheffield Hallam University used Barnett’s 15 Conditions of Flexibility to frame the responses. These scenarios are used with stakeholders to plan the kind of institution they might wish to become related to their flexible learning ambitions and envisaged future positioning.

The project allowed Sheffield Hallam University to scope a range of diverse voices in order to begin to understand what flexible learning might mean to the University in both systems and pedagogy across the student lifecycle. By doing so they were able to develop a critical understanding of their approach to flexible learning by exploring institutional assumptions at all levels enabling them to start to scope needs infrastructure and pedagogical shifts.

The animation (above) "Getting animated about flexible learning" defines the underpinning methodology for this project.

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