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Governance Briefing Notes: 11 Monitoring performance

Once a provider’s strategic plan has been agreed, the role of the governing body is to monitor its delivery, and the achievement of the planned outcomes.  To facilitate their role, governors will typically agree with management a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) to be monitored. Consideration may also be given to extent to which the KPI cover short- and/or longer-term time horizons. 

Governance Briefing Notes: 11. Monitoring performance
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This briefing note is part of a series of downloadable summaries that have been designed to support you in addressing different aspects of governance or to be disseminated as a helpful resource to colleagues who are new to particular areas of governance. Each draws on the latest thinking and legalisation, providing a helpful guide to re-familiarise yourself with specific issues as they arise. Each briefing note offers up-to-date information, further reading, links and questions to consider on a range of governance issues.

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