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How to succeed at university in GEES disciplines

Independent research is an important and distinctive component of degree programmes within the GEES disciplines most commonly encountered within final-year projects and dissertations. Successfully completing a large research project with relatively little support requires strong self-motivation effective time management problem-solving skills writing and presentation skills and a high degree of organisation. As such it can be one of the most challenging and daunting elements of the degree programme.

The ever-growing range of digital information is a fantastic resource that can be used to enhance a project. Online datasets and images can be used in conjunction with traditional field and laboratory-based methodologies. Alternatively a project may revolve exclusively around the location manipulation and analysis of secondary data. The successful use of online data for independent research is however associated with a number of challenges.

This online resource has been designed to help identify and deal with many of the problems commonly encountered when using online data within the context of independent research.

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