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Improving Inclusive Leadership through ExCo and BAME staff Reciprocal Mentoring: spotlight stories on the experiences of BAME mentors and White mentors

This project and it’s outputs is part of the 2020 Good Practice Grants, which helped Advance HE members to develop and share innovative practice.

Developed by City, University of London, the aim of this project was to contribute to improving race equality in higher education. This was successfully achieved by producing bespoke training, the Let’s talk about Race website and a series of short films - ‘Spotlight Stories’ - on the experiences of both Executive Team (ExCo) members and Black, Asian minority ethnic staff who participated in Reciprocal Mentoring, and the production of an innovative online toolkit of guidance and resources on improving race equality. The Spotlight Stories showcase the benefits of reciprocal mentoring, good practice, the challenges one may encounter in reciprocal mentoring, and methods in which to overcome them. Including short spotlight films as a storytelling method to bring to life staff experiences powerfully highlighted the importance of inclusive leadership and a more inclusive culture.  

To support and endorse race equality and equality of opportunities, all resources for this project were implemented by People of Colour. They have been created through the lens of those that are personally affected by racial inequalities whilst showcasing their creativity, experience, talent, and voices.  

Advance HE Members can access the project resources below.

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Access the Let's Talk About Race and Racism resources hub

A collection of anti-racism resources and insights to help combat, raise awareness and increase conversations around racism in UK higher education and beyond.

Access the Spotlight Stories 

A mini-series of short videos called ‘Spotlight Stories’ on participants’ experiences of the Reciprocal Mentoring Scheme.

Improving inclusive leadership through ExCo and BAME staff reciprocal mentoring: final report
Improving inclusive leadership through ExCo and BAME staff reciprocal mentoring: final report View Document
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