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Improving the Way Technical Skills are Taught in the Creative Studio – an exploration of Student Centred Learning Methods


An investigation into whether the learning of technical skills during the first year of an Art and Design undergraduate degree course could be improved by a shift from an established ‘transmission mode’ or demonstrate-imitate approach towards one which is more student-centred and interactive. This study outlines some of the theory behind action research in education and describes the introduction of collaborative, co-operative learning methods to technical studio environments in a comparative study – assessing the impact of student centred methods compared with established ‘demonstration’ methods. Art and Design may not have the problems of student retention that prompted some of the original pedagogical research into collaborative and active learning, but there is additional value in introducing such interactive learning processes to the creative studio. As well as improving student learning activities that develop students’ interpersonal skills and their ability to collaborate with peers it will also help them in their future professional practice.


Vol 9, Issue 2