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Internationalisation of HE - podcast episode one

The first of two podcast episodes from Dr Jenna Mittelmeier and Dr Sylvie Lomer of the University of Manchester, discussing the recent Internationalisation and students' outcomes or experiences literature review, which was authored by them along with colleagues.

In this episode, they discuss the premise behind the literature review and think about why they have undertaken this work and why they think internationalisation is an important topic, both for practice and for research related to higher education.

This podcast is part of Advance HE's review of its Student Success Frameworks, you can find out more about the Frameworks and the review here.

Advance HE members can listen to the podcast below.

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Internationalisation of HE: podcast episode one - transcript
Internationalisation of HE: podcast episode one - transcript View Document

Internationalisation and students' outcomes and experiences

The literature review illustrates 11 dominant themes in internationalisation literature since 2011, which are categorised according to their level of demonstrable impact on students. It outlines known evidence about “what works” across internationalisation practices and highlights key areas where further research is needed.

Advance HE members can download the literature review here