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Internationalising the curriculum for all students: the role of staff dialogue

A presentation from the TIS International Conference - Internationalisation of Pedagogy and Curriculum in Higher Education: Exploring New Frontiers June 2011.

This paper examines the crucial role of staff dialogue in shaping imaginative creative and transformative approaches to internationalisation of the curriculum.

Here we focus on a one month fully online course run for tertiary level staff and accessible globally. Four iterations of this course have now run with participants of diverse cultural backgrounds based in Australia the UK and South Africa. An analysis of the online discussion forums shows the course offers a much-needed space for faculty academics academic managers and academic support staff to engage in intensive dialogue about internationalisation of the curriculum. This dialogue reveals new perspectives to the participants in terms of: the positioning of tertiary institutions participants' roles their disciplinary and cultural backgrounds histories and beliefs about education. Presenting internationalisation as a radical rather than liberal discourse involving a transformative process aimed at developing global citizens comes as an initial shock to many participants.

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