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Launching EDI initiatives during lockdown: learnings from the University of Salford and University of Manchester Library and Information Services

In this workshop hosted for members of Athena Swan Scotland Network, Scottish Race Equality Network and Scotland Equality Forum, Abby Kearney, The Library, University of Salford, and Lynsey Alexander, The Library, University of Manchester, discuss EDI initiatives they have launched during the pandemic.

"We’ve tried to think of ways in which we can use our positions within our University to influence change and create an inclusive culture in our area of work (The Library). There are ways we can all contribute to change and we hope that this presentation demonstrates the small ways we can all become active in creating educational spaces that are safe, welcoming and inclusive for everyone in our communities, and the importance of reflecting critically on these projects."

In the video below Abby and Lynsey illustrate how professional and academic staff can use their sphere of influence to find out what the gaps are (similar to the SFC/Advance HE Diagnostic Tool), and actively start to make changes in their work environment, resources and in their practice.