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Learning from award winning higher education teachers

We asked three recent 'Most Innovative Teachers of the Year' (Times Higher Education Awards) and a National Teaching Fellow to each develop a tool that others could use in their teaching practice. Here is what they came up with:

How to start using technology in your teaching

Dr James Pickering Most Innovative Teacher of the Year (2014) provides a step by step walkthrough alongside the necessary considerations when introducing technology into your practice. There are top tips and some examples of best practice making this a great resource to get you started with incorporating technology into your teaching.

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Working with data sets with your students

Dr Mark Brandon Most Innovative Teacher of the Year (2012) provides useful guidance on how to use data sets within your teaching. The tool is a step by step guide on how to use data sets and successfully integrate them into your practice which makes this resource a great place to start when incorporating data sets into your practice.

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Sustainable development toolkit

Professor Simon Kemp Most Innovative Teacher of the Year (2013) provides a series of lesson plans to help you introduce education for sustainable development in any programme. It offers guidance on how to successfully embed sustainable development as well as what the intended outcomes of the lesson should be. In a world where businesses expect their employees to be aware of the impact and importance of sustainable development this series of tools provides guidance and support on how to successfully integrate sustainable development into your teaching practice.

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Large group teaching tips

Dr Ian Turner National Teaching Fellow (2014) offers handy tips and tricks you can use when keeping large groups engaged in learning. Written as a Top Trump card deck you will find ideas how to ensure that students remain fully engaged when studying in large lecture halls and provide guidance on how lecturers' can utilise these ideas during lectures.

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The materials published on this page were originally created by the Higher Education Academy.