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Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine: Equipping researchers to translate innovation into impact - Strategic Excellence Initiative

What the project is?

The purpose of the project is to establish a training module applicable to a broad spectrum of young researchers that equips them to develop their careers outside the very narrow confines of their project subject. It provides an early and informative exposure to the NHS overseas Ministries of Health and industrial business planning cycles that will need to engaged if their work is to ultimately have impact.

What the project hopes to achieve?

The expected benefit is the development of more rounded researchers who are able to contextualise their work and engage with and understand the way that their industries of interest will use research outputs.

We hope to establish a group of researchers – spanning undergraduate post-graduate and post-doctoral research fellow and lecturer cohorts – who are able at the end of the CPD programme to:

  • Develop a brief written and verbal ‘pitch’ of their work that is accessible and understood by NHS MoH and industrial stakeholders
  • Create a coherent business and financial plan to take a research idea through to an end product
  • Explain why their research is important and realistically contextualise the impact it might have with a larger scale problem