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Making comics: Creativity student self-reflection and the power of the personal - STEM Conference 2018

This workshop will get you making mini comic-books methods that can be used in any discipline and career. Comics and zines are often dismissed as lo-fi and ephemeral characteristics which are usually seen as weaknesses but their playful unintimidating nature make them a very accessible medium. Comic books can be used to explore any subject. Even better they can become highly personal reflective pieces allowing students to create interrogate and represent their studies and lives. STEM subjects can be brought to life as students turn their subject knowledge into comic book adventures from space travel to pond-life. The workshop will include examples of unique deeply personal zines created by final year geography and environment students and non-representational mapping another method whose power is hidden behind the deceptive simplicity of a handful of felt-tip pens and a sheet of paper. 

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