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Part-time students and employability

This guide considers the issue of employability from the perspective of part-time students on undergraduate programmes. It builds on other guides in this series – in particular Embedding employability into the curriculum. That publication took as its starting point that "the complexity of employability and the variety that exists in curricula in UK higher education mean that no single ideal prescription for the embedding of employability can be provided." (Yorke and Knight 2004 p.2).

It is of course the case that in many higher education institutions part-time students are taught alongside full-time students the only difference being the rate at which they complete modules and accumulate credit points. So one might wonder why if they are looking to embed employability into a curriculum that is delivered on the same basis to full-time and part-time students they need to consider part-time students and employability as a separate issue.

In this guide the authors do not replicate the curriculum considerations covered in the "Embedding employability" guide: rather they look at findings from some recent studies of part-time students and highlight aspects that could have a particular bearing on employability within a higher education curriculum.

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