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Policy Works: Recommendations for reviewing policy to manage unacceptable academic practice in higher education

The Academic Integrity Service has produced the publication Policy Works to enable higher education institutions (HEIs) to review and develop policy for managing student plagiarism and related cases of unacceptable academic practice.

The Service was set up to encourage the sharing of good practice and the recommendations in the publication can be used by those involved in developing policy and procedures at the institutional or department level. It will be of particular interest to academic integrity working groups conduct officers student services managers or those working in academic registry or quality enhancement areas.

The focus of the publication is the review of policy for unacceptable academic practice.  Regulations do need to be seen as part of a wider institutional approach to addressing unacceptable practice which also involves adopting educational strategies to support students’ learning. The Academic Integrity Service publication Supporting academic integrity: approaches and resources for higher education complements the guidance in Policy Works


Policy works was written by Erica Morris with Jude Carroll. It includes contributions by Linda Byles and Kimberley Mills (Bournemouth University) Sharon Flynn (National University of Ireland Galway) Pauline Harrison and Carol Thomas (University of Chester) Neil Morris (University of Leeds) Lynn Shaw (The ifs School of Finance) Lizzie Vinton and Shân Wareing (University of the Arts London).

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