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Problem-based learning in physics supported by electronic assessment (Mastering Physics)

Problem Based Learning (PBL) was introduced into a year 1 module in physics in the University of Liverpool in 2008/09. Mastering Physics (MP) electronic assessment from Pearson was also introduced to support this change. The main alteration was that for the purposes of continuous assessment the three tutorial-style homework assignments worth 10% of the module mark were replaced with four group projects and 6 MP electronic assessments worth 30% of the module mark in 2008-09 and 50% in 2009-10. The most notable improvement is from ~45% of students submitting three assignments claiming to have spent ~30 minutes per week on them and achieving an average mark of <50% to over 80% of students in 2008-09 and over 95% in 2009-10 submitting work for all projects and electronic assessments with feedback indicating an average of 5-6 hours per week of work outside class. The average and median marks also improved dramatically from <50% in 2007-08 to >70% in 2008-09 and >75% in 2009-10.

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