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Promoting equality of opportunity through flexible learning

The profile may be used at any time to help review the curriculum. It may prove especially useful when the curriculum be it a module or the entire programme is going through a planned review process. The profile is not a ‘tick list’ that needs to be worked through verbatim rather it is meant to be a stimulus for thought and reflection. Reviewing the curriculum is a sizeable undertaking and this profile may help by giving you a starting place when looking at flexible or inclusive curriculum. There is a section at the end of the profile that gives a suggested method if the curriculum is being reviewed as part of an ‘away day’ or team planning process.

The first part of the profile Part A gives some of the background to the project and includes some useful discussion on the nature of flexibility and inclusivity.
Part B takes you through examining the curriculum it is based on a process of ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ (see for more resources) which is a really positive way of looking at something like curriculum. It starts not with the negative the ‘what’s wrong and what do we need to fix’ approach but rather starts with what is already good about your curriculum and then what would be your ideal curriculum and then how to go about achieving it.
Part C gives you some ideas and tips on how to run an away day or team curriculum review process.

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