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Re-thinking Undergraduate Transitions to Through and Out of University

In 2011-12 the Higher Education Academy focussed upon transitions in higher education as an area for development within the disciplines of Geography Earth and Environmental Sciences (GEES) and this resource originates from the inaugural meeting of the GEES Special Interest Group on Transitions  in June 2012. The meeting aimed to provide a forum in which GEES colleagues could come together to explore the academic and social aspects of undergraduate students’ transitions to through and out of university.

A key outcome from the meeting was the need to begin to establish highlight and disseminate examples of good practice already taking place within the GEES community.

This resource is the result of research and workshops conducted over the following months. Rather than recommending one ‘best practice’ approach to dealing with each of the transitional issues faced by undergraduate students on GEES degree programmes it collates a range of ideas that those charged with programme development could incorporate into their institution’s existing practices.

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