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Retention and attainment in the disciplines: Art and Design

This report considers the retention and attainment of students from diverse backgrounds within the subject discipline of Art and Design at university. It focuses on the data for the area and identifies key issues that need to be addressed. It gives a background to the subject area itself to understand what is happening within the discipline to heighten levels of vulnerability for certain students in relation to persistence and attainment. The culture and custom of the subject area is also explored with reference to key texts. 

This report also includes some key examples of interventions that have been introduced to make a difference to the student experience. They are in the form of case studies and illustrate how changes could be made. Finally areas of future research are identified as well as some important recommendations going forward.

It is hoped this report will be of use to a wide range of Art and Design institutions departments and staff who work within them and who are committed to changing the student experience for all. It should encourage a more collaborative way of working across institutions sharing good practice across the subject discipline. 

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