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Rethinking final-year projects and dissertations: creative honours and capstone projects

The honours dissertation is traditionally the culmination of the undergraduate degree in UK higher education. While it provides an excellent apprenticeship for students wishing to undertake research degrees it does not necessarily provide for all students’ and employers’ needs.

This project aimed to transform institutional practices and assessment strategies through creative solutions for developing accessible alternative honours projects to meet the needs of students from different backgrounds different subjects and different kinds of institution.

The project assembled an international good practice resource-bank captured the student experience and developed and evaluated creative honours projects within University of Gloucestershire culminating in a National Showcase and Grand Findings dissemination events.

The findings are displayed on the project web site. A book has now been produced based on the findings of the project. Case studies have continued to be collected since the project ended and a full set is available at

This project was led by University of Gloucestershire.