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Running towards success: Using psychological theories to teach non-runners to run a marathon (and develop life skills)! - STEM Conference 2018

This session will present and describe a very successful and highly innovative approach to teaching positive and motivational psychology. 22 students who had never run further than 5km enrolled on the course and learnt about theories of grit determination self-esteem anxiety/arousal etc. These theories were then applied in a very real fashion to the seemingly impossible goal of running a marathon. Assessments were carefully planned to allow reflection and development and to facilitate effective and safe physical training whilst developing the mental toughness required for such a challenge. After only 18 weeks of training the students and staff entered and completed the Liverpool Rock n Roll marathon on 28th May 2017 - and smashed it! The aim of the session is to inspire delegates to think outside the box about how they can incorporate their passion and their creativity into their teaching. 

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