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Setting up a Community of Practice for a university CubeSat programme - STEM Conference 2018

‘CubeSats’ were introduced by Robert Twiggs from Stanford and Jordi Puig-Suari from California Polytechnic as an educational project for engineering students. The aim is to give students a practical experience of designing building and testing a real satellite. Developing a CubeSat is an interdisciplinary multi-year project. Information needs to be passed to new cohorts and between departments. To overcome these challenges a “Community of Practice” (CoP) was used as a way of connecting the University of Bristol CubeSat community and encouraging better knowledge management. This work describes the implementation of the CoP in its first year by describing the different approaches taken and their effectiveness in engaging the community. At the end of the year interviews following a semi-structured format were carried out with members of the community to evaluate the value created by the CoP. Themes from these interviews provide recommendations applicable to any challenging interdisciplinary student engineering projects.

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