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Student Associate Scheme

There are a number of schemes in HE designed to introduce undergraduates to the school classroom and encourage them to consider a future career in teaching. Many universities run the Undergraduate Ambassador Scheme (UAS) for which students gain credit towards their final degree. UAS places mathematics science and engineering students as teaching assistants in local schools. Another similar scheme is the Student Associate Scheme (SAS) for which undergraduates get paid work experience in schools. The Student Associates Scheme is a Government funded programme funded by the Teacher Training Agency (TTA). It is aimed at attracting more undergraduates into the teaching profession particularly those who are studying in the shortage subject areas but tunlike UAS it is not confined to shortage subject areas. Students who join the SAS are paid to spend 10-15 days during their degree course in a school observing and taking part in lessons in order to give them a feel of what teaching may be like.

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