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Student as producer: research engaged teaching and learning - an institutional strategy

The desire to connect research and teaching to create a productive and progressive framework for undergraduate teaching and learning has become one of the most significant areas for academic development in higher education.

The Student as producer project involved a re-appraising of the relationship between research and teaching. Key to this was establishing research-engaged teaching and learning a central principle for curriculum design and delivery.

Research-engaged teaching and learning is defined as: ‘a fundamental principle of curriculum design whereby students learn primarily by engagement in real research projects or projects which replicate the process of research in their discipline. Engagement is created through active collaboration amongst and between students and academics’.

The project was led by University of Lincoln.

The University engaged with other higher education institutions to ensure relevance to the sector. They were: Universities of Sheffield Reading Warwick Oxford Brookes Gloucestershire Wolverhampton Plymouth through CETLs and NTFs.

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University of Lincoln

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