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Succession management - Development methods

"Within our academic culture there is sometimes a reluctance to single people out, on the basis of current performance and future potential, for fast-tracking or special treatment/development for specific roles that have a significant leadership element. Some academic management and leadership roles don’t attract more than one candidate so formal competitive ‘schemes’ aren’t appropriate for such roles. Instead we offer a Tomorrow’s Leaders programme aiming to identify and develop a pool of leadership talent for a range of future academic and professional leadership roles and to build a much stronger pipeline than would otherwise exist."

(Russell Group university)

Once successfully through the assessment process, individuals can access the developmental support that is provided by the scheme. This may be classroom-based, individually-focused or work-based, and may be more or less about learning and reflection or about concrete changes in the individual’s work activities. A few examples are in the diagram below.

Development methods - succession management

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