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Succession management - Focus finder - Interpreting the results

Take a look at the benefits you chose from the 'focus finder' list.

If most of your chosen benefits seem to be for individuals, and you expect that the organisation will benefit indirectly as a result, you may be leaning towards a talent management approach.

If your chosen benefits are mostly about the organisation, you could focus on a scheme that links closely to organisational strategy and where the emphasis is on understanding what competencies will be needed in the future. This is classic succession planning.

If you seem to have a mixture of benefits to individuals and benefits to the organisation, you are likely to need to draw on aspects of both talent management and succession planning.

There is no one good reason for initiating a succession or talent scheme - but there are a few bad ones. Of course you will not have ticked any of the bad ones! But if you are not clear about your purpose you risk drifting towards some of them, which may mean your succession or talent strategy fails to benefit people and/or the organisation.

Note that we revisit the focus finder in the How it's done section, to see how the size and scope of a scheme can be tailored to take account of the expected benefits.