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Strategic priorities

Case studies

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Review at Edge Hill University - Case Study

08 Oct, 2019
Literature reviews / reading lists

Assessment and feedback in higher education

19 Apr, 2017

Promoting equality of opportunity through flexible learning

07 Apr, 2016

Student-researched case studies of flexible learning to support flexible learners

16 Mar, 2016

Getting animated about flexible learning

15 Mar, 2016

Once upon a course design…: An evaluation of course design using students as partners and a toolkit of creative co-design exercises

11 Mar, 2016

Enhancing learning of fluid mechanics using automated feedback and by engaging with students as partners

01 Sep, 2014

Flexible learning of control and automation using remote laboratory

01 Sep, 2014
Guidance notes

Enhancing the curriculum through social environmental and global responsibility: the QAA/HEA Education for Sustainable Development Guidance document

01 Sep, 2014

Students as Partners: Developing and sustaining a partnership approach to enhancing learning and teaching

15 Jul, 2014