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Stuart Norton

Case studies

Embedding enterprise and entrepreneurship in higher education: An Advance HE case study collection

30 Mar, 2023

A Case Study Compendium: Contemporary practices and initiatives in employability

27 Jan, 2023
Case studies

Adding value through enterprise and entrepreneurship education in higher education

15 Jun, 2022

Student Success: Flexible learning part one

18 Feb, 2022

3 Es for Wicked Problems: Employability, Enterprise, and Entrepreneurship: Solving Wicked Problems

25 Jan, 2022

Stuart Norton

Senior Consultant in Learning and Teaching
Advance HE
Stuart is a Senior Adviser in Learning and Teaching for Advance HE and is leading the review and update of the Student Success Framework series. Stuart has worked in Academia since 2003 and joined Advance HE in 2016. Stuart has supported a range of institutions, discipline communities and individual academic and professional services staff through a variety of direct events and consultancy interventions.

Essential frameworks for enhancing student success: Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

13 Sep, 2021
Case studies

Employability: breaking the mould

27 Jan, 2021
Guidance notes

Essential frameworks for enhancing student success: embedding employability

15 May, 2020
Case studies

Enhancing Graduate Employability: a case study compendium

29 Jan, 2020