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Assessment and feedback

Student Partnership in Assessment (SPiA)

20 Sep, 2021
Literature reviews

Unconscious Bias Literature Review: Bias in Assessment

24 Nov, 2020

On Your Marks: Learner-focused Feedback Practices and Feedback Literacy

30 Jul, 2020
Guidance notes

Essential Frameworks For Enhancing Student Success: Transforming Assessment

15 May, 2020

Assessment: The Game

08 Apr, 2020
Case studies

National Collaborative Medical School Assessment and Feedback Project

21 Nov, 2019

Assessment Symposium Encouraging students to close the feedback loop through iterations of feedback, reflection and dialogue

04 Nov, 2019

Assessment Symposium Marking criteria as signposts for the journey to being a graduate

04 Nov, 2019
Conference materials

Assessment Symposium Philosophy in the Workplace: Assessing the Impact of Reflective Practices in Situated Learning

25 Oct, 2019
Conference materials

Assessment Symposium Using blogposts for peer to peer learning and summative assessment

25 Oct, 2019