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Student feedback


Student Success: Feedback

13 Jun, 2022

Student Success - Assessment and feedback

10 Jun, 2022
Literature reviews

Impacts of higher education assessment and feedback policy and practice on students: a review of the literature 2016-2021

16 May, 2022

Assessment and Feedback in a Post-Pandemic Era: A Time for Learning and Inclusion

07 Jul, 2021

Student Partnerships in Assessment: 'in conversation with...' episode one

26 May, 2021

The psychology of student feedback preferences: results from a mixed-method investigation

30 Apr, 2014

Retrospective review of e-Assessment data to enhance student feedback

30 Apr, 2014

Student centred teaching - Can university teaching be enhanced by using student feedback as a positive influence for module delivery? A pilot study

30 Apr, 2014

HEA Feedback toolkit

01 Mar, 2013

Examining student feedback preferences: University initiatives that demonstrate innovation in first-year assessment

01 Oct, 2010