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Curricula development


The Hidden Curriculum of Higher Education

31 Jul, 2020
Case studies

Embedding interculturalism in the curriculum: A case study of a PG certificate in learning and teaching in higher education

19 Feb, 2018

Embedding equality and diversity in the curriculum: Beyond compliance

19 Feb, 2018
Case studies

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland: Embedding equality and diversity into our undergraduate curriculum

19 Feb, 2018
Case studies

Embedding race equality and internationalising the curriculum

19 Feb, 2018
Case studies

University of Hull - Curriculum change methodology and metrics - Strategic Excellence Initiative

15 Jun, 2017
Case studies

City University London - Designing the curriculum for 2026 - Strategic Excellence Initiative

14 Jun, 2017
HEA to Z
National Teaching Fellow 2017

hidden curriculum

09 Jul, 2015

The formal and hidden curriculum as enables and inhibitors of equitable curriculum internationalisation

01 Sep, 2014

Design your own course? A new role for students in programme development and curriculum design

31 May, 2013