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Employability and entrepreneurship

Framework for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education

06 Nov, 2019
Governance News Alert

Governance news: OfS registration process and outcomes 2019-20

30 Oct, 2019
Conference materials

Assessment Symposium Philosophy in the Workplace: Assessing the Impact of Reflective Practices in Situated Learning

25 Oct, 2019
Governance News Alert

Governance News: Office for Students value for money strategy 2019 to 2021

18 Oct, 2019
Case studies

Newcastle College Group - Academic Governance

11 Oct, 2019
Case studies

Mid-Kent College - Academic Governance

11 Oct, 2019
Small Development Projects

Creative enquiry and the space to flourish in medical education

10 Oct, 2019

Education at a Glance 2019: OECD Indicators

11 Sep, 2019
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Teaching and Learning Conference 2019: Innovations in Employability through a Pedagogy of Play

22 Jul, 2019
Conference materials

Curriculum Design Symposium: The Hidden Curriculum - Embedding employability: Creating an inclusive curriculum that supports students to achieve their aspirations

19 Jul, 2019