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Taking an active approach to lectures using flipped learning play and digital technologies - STEM Conference 2018

My main aim was to increase engagement of students thereby increasing the amount of deeper learning within lecture sessions. The objectives of this strategy involved incorporating several different active learning approaches into lectures including:
1) A Flipped approach for the main content of each topic using videos available prior to lectures enabling students to gain an understanding of the main concepts at a pace that suits them.
2) Using digital technologies available for polling and quizzing to provide students with immediate feedback during 'lecture' sessions.
3) Using digital technologies available for group work (e.g. drawing and modelling apps) to encourage group work and peer learning.
4) Using cloud technologies to share students' completed group work and provide students with immediate 'snowballed' feedback.
5) Encouraging students to apply knowledge and understanding via creative play strategies such as card games and quizzes.

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