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Teaching Learning and Assessment of Databases (TLAD)

This was the twelfth in the series of highly successful international workshops on the Teaching Learning and Assessment of Databases (TLAD 2014). TLAD 2014 was held on the 4th July at Southampton Solent University Maritime and Technology Faculty.

The teaching of databases continues to be central to all Computing Science Software Engineering Information Systems and Information Technology courses. This year's workshop continued the tradition of bringing together database teachers researchers and practitioners in order to share good learning teaching and assessment practice and experience and further the growing community amongst database academics.

As well as attracting academics and teachers from the UK community the workshop has also been successful in attracting academics from the wider international community through serving on the programme committee and attending and presenting papers.This year the workshop includes six refereed papers which cover a number of themes: NoSQL and Big Data teaching approaches and Games and tools for database teaching. With this year's focus on Big Data we look forward particularly to our keynote presentation which will give us an industrial perspective of big data. Entitled "Big Data in the Third Platform" the keynote will be presented by James T (JT) Lewis Partner Sales Director Distribution at EMC Computer Systems (UK) Ltd.

We would like to thank members of the programme and steering committees for their reviews and their continuing support of this workshop. Many members have been involved in the workshops since the first TLAD thus showing the strength of the database teaching community both within the UK and overseas. We would also like to thank the Higher Education Academy especially Karen Fraser for their continued support.

Petra Leimich Alastair Monger  workshop co-chairs

Steering committee

Petra Leimich (University of Abertay Dundee) workshop co-chair
Alastair Monger (Southampton Solent University) workshop co-chair
David Nelson (University of Sunderland)
Bernadette-Marie Byrne (University of Hertfordshire)

Programme committee

Jagdev Bhogal (Birmingham City University)
Bernadette Marie Byrne (University of Hertfordshire)
Fang Fang Cai (London Metropolitan University)
Jackie Campbell (Leeds Metropolitan University)
Karen Davis (University of Cincinnati)
Mary Garvey (University of Wolverhampton)
Petra Leimich (University of Abertay Dundee)
Pirjo Moen (University of Helsinki)
Alastair Monger (Southampton Solent University)
David Nelson (University of Sunderland)
James Paterson (Glasgow Caledonian University)
Clare Stanier (University of Staffordshire)
Tony Valsamidis (University of Greenwich)

Higher Education Academy

Karen Fraser (HEA contact)

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