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Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance - Universities HR Strategic Enhancement Programme

The context for the programme

As part of the Conservatoire’s Strategic Plan (2015-20) the institution was committed to developing their staff. In order to do this they were about to begin projects developing their career progression frameworks. They were working on an institutional programme of development that was focused on creating a framework for reward and recognition to support the career aspirations of their Teaching staff.

In particular they were looking to wed their developing CPD frameworks research activity and awards for excellence in Learning and Teaching within an institutional framework that recognised the achievements their teachers. In tandem with developing career progression frameworks they intended to apply for an accredited CPD framework with HEA and felt it would be useful as part of that process to concurrently work on reward and recognition and the pilot of remaining in good standing with the HEA and the UKSPF.

The areas intended for development

At the start of the project the Conservatoire had a consolidated Staff Development Policy that unified various approaches to supporting developmental activities. Draft proposals for Reader/Professor progression routes were in development and they were particularly keen to include a Learning and Teaching route. Learning and Teaching Projects have historically been supported by the Academic Development budget but they were starting to consider a move to a more strategic use of funds to both benefit the Learning and Teaching culture but also the Learning and Teaching inquiry capability amongst staff.

There was also a process for teaching colleagues to apply to become research active. This needed integration within the reward and recognition processes in development and also to recognise in a more proactive way the manner by which Learning and Teaching is represented within research cultures. A ‘People Strategy’ had been recently approved that outlined the institutional commitment to engaging with staff and most specifically to create ways in which the career aspiration of colleagues are supported by the institution.

The Conservatoire had indicated a range of activities that were under development at the time. The aim of the application would be to gain external support in unifying the various strands of development into one cohesive framework.