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Turning challenging conversations into transformative ones

Being a leader, manager and colleague means having to handle sensitive and potentially challenging conversations with confidence and understanding.

Approached with clarity and positivity, workplace discussions can lead to stronger relationships and better organisational performance.

Our Transformative Conversations Programme is designed to help leaders from both academic and professional backgrounds to develop their understanding, approaches, emotional intelligence, self-awareness and empathy, thus building the confidence to engage in sensitive discussions within their teams and across the institution.

In an introductory podcast, programme facilitators Barbara Bassa, Kim Ansell and Clare Pavitt reveal their 'top tips' for approaching challenging conversations.

Listen to the podcast below.

Transformative Conversations Programme

The Transformative Conversations Programme supports participants in developing an understanding of context, self and others and the builds confidence needed to handle challenging conversations by developing emotional intelligence, self-awareness and empathy.

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