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UK Engagement Survey 2022

The UK Engagement Survey (UKES) seeks to understand how, and on what level, students across UK higher education engage with both their studies and their institution. Following a few years of unprecedented upheaval in UK HE, due to the global pandemic, the 2022 survey is the first edition of UKES which has taken place in the new environment of blended and e-learning.

The UKES 2022 report details how student engagement has been measured, discusses students’ engagement in 2022 and how this varies by mode of delivery and between specific groups. It also suggests some areas the sector could consider focusing their attention on when trying to improve students’ engagement within their institution and their courses.

The report shows that overall, student engagement has largely returned to levels seen pre-pandemic. The increased responses on various sections, including enterprise and entrepreneurship, career development and learning opportunities, provide positive indications that there have been increased opportunities in a range of areas. Also, fewer students considered leaving their course in 2022 than they did during the pandemic (23% in 2022 compared to 28% in 2021). This may be due to more students reporting that they received appropriate support, interaction with staff and their course met their expectations.

Download the full report below.

UK Engagement Survey 2022
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