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The undergraduate experience of blended e-learning

The review report addresses the current meanings of 'blended learning' across the sector.

A team of researchers from the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development (OCSLD) has completed a review of the UK literature and practice relating to the undergraduate experience of blended learning. The study aimed to review existing research and practice on blended e-learning identify key studies and issues and make recommendations to guide future policy and practice.  The review team combined traditional desk research with institutional visits and interviews with key personnel.

The review report addresses the current meanings of 'blended learning' across the sector the underlying institutional rationales for blended learning the monitoring and evaluation strategies being adopted for ensuring and enhancing the quality of blended e-learning.  The review has found that the student response to the provision of online information to supplement traditional teaching is overwhelmingly positive.  It is clear from the uptake of this area of technology by institutions the rise of the use of the term 'blended learning' and the number of evaluative studies identified in the review that institutions and practitioners are attempting to engage with blended learning and are doing so successfully.

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