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University life uncovered: making sense of the student experience

This monograph showcases themes relating to the diverse experiences of the modern student cohort including: single parents international students school leavers and those balancing education and employment.

Rebecca Johnson

A Foreword

Michael Connolly

Making sense of student cultures in higher education today

Deborah Claire Le Play

Learning identity and learning about identity: the role of connectedness

Hilary Lawson

Rhythm routine and ritual: strategies for collective living among first year students in halls of residence

Ingrid Richter and Gary Walker

Living and learning: students talk and investment in university culture

Kate Brooks

Mindful or mindless: do UK student drinking cultures and stereotypes undermine intercultural contact?

Neil Harrison and Nicola Peacock

Negotiating an identity in English: the discursive construction and reconstruction of Chinese students

Trevor Grimshaw

Lone parents as higher education students

Tamsin Hinton-Smith

Students and term time work: benefit or hindrance?

Paul Greenbank Sue Hepworth and John Mercer

Employability and the Aimhigher student ambassador scheme

South East London

David Chilosi Margaret Noble Philip Broadhead and Mike Wilkinson

Working with schools: active citizenship for undergraduate social science students

Paul Watt Chris Gifford and Shirley Koster

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