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Using the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory (ELLI) in an exploration of the learning process and learning styles and how these can affect students' motivation and performance in higher education

This is a case study detailing an HEA funded initiative that was introduced across the School of Computing and Communications Technology (Denise Oram) and the Business School (Sandra King) at Glyndŵr University.

Widening participation and recruitment of students from countries inside and outside Europe means that lecturers are faced with classes made up of students who may have widely different perceptions of the learning and teaching process. This presents new challenges to teaching and learning in higher education. Glyndŵr University is committed to providing students with a range of learning opportunities to increase employability and enhance their learning experience and career prospects for the future.

This study presents and reflects the findings of current research on the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory (ELLI) to identify new approaches to students’ learning. This is a unique research project aimed at increasing the dimensions of a student’s learning power. Each student generates their own personal profile and is supported in recognising how to bring about a change in their learning culture and practice. The project provides an awareness of ‘how to learn’ to increase student motivation and consequently improve retention and future employability.

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