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Welcome to the Sahel: an interdisciplinary resource-bank of sustainable development perspectives for English environmental science history and religious studies undergraduates

This is a final report on a Higher Education Academy Education for Sustainable Development project carried out by the Centre for Environmental History at the University of Sterling. The aim of this project has been to develop a resource to enable increased awareness amongst undergraduates of sustainable development issues. This has been undertaken by extending the present field-led or documentary-led experiences of undergraduates studying history environmental science and religious and cultural studies to consider the sustainability of societies from a remote environmentally sensitive region: the West African Sahel.

This project has developed a learning and teaching resource – an electronic resource-bank titled Welcome to the Sahel – that considers sustainability issues arising from the Sahel region of Africa. These issues include different perceptions of sustainable resource use - religious and cultural historical perceptions of the region and human responses to environmental change. The resource-bank has been designed to stimulate trans-disciplinary interaction between undergraduates and between taught Masters' students from several different subject areas. To facilitate dissemination across subject areas resources are all electronic media based. The resource-bank comprises four main collections; based around media-type: streaming-video documentary cartographic and still images. The resource was launched in March 2008.

A case study for this project can be found here:

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