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Leading with Integrity: Sustaining ethical leadership & governance in HE

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In this 90-minute webinar for national, regional and institutional leadership, jointly hosted with the British Council as part of Going Global 2020, we will be tackling one of the major challenges to emerging and established higher education sectors and providers: being ethical and leading with integrity through major and ongoing change, particularly in light of the recent COVID-19 crisis.

The session is free to join and open to all. 

Our speakers, Dr Irene Glendinning former Vice President for the European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) & Academic Manager for Student Experience at Coventry University; Dr Zaw Wai Soe,  President of the Myanmar University Rectors Committee & Rector of the University Medicine 1, Yangon;  Mi Mi Myo Win, Head of Programmes, British Council Myanmar; Jamilya Gulyamova, Deputy Director, British Council Uzbekistan;  Dr Stella-Maris Orim Associate Professor at Coventry University; Jo Chaffer, Key Global Associate at Advance HE and Becky Smith, Assistant Director for International at Advance HE will focus the discussion upon:

  • the real and difficult challenges of leading and operating ethically with integrity
  • insights, strategies, tools and tactics for reducing, avoiding and preventing unethical practices
  • emerging practice on leading with integrity from situations in different HE sectors


Dr Irene Glendinning

Academic Manager for Student Experience, Coventry University 

Irene has just completed a three-year term as Vice President for the European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI). She is a lecturer and researcher with 30 years’ experience currently based in the Office of Teaching and Learning at Coventry University. Since 2019 her research has mainly focused on strategies for academic integrity, particularly concerning how to design workable institutional policies that deter misconduct in education and research and encourage a culture of scholarly learning. Irene and two colleagues have recently completed a global study into how accreditation and quality assurance bodies are addressing corruption in HE.  In collaboration with partners, other research has included surveys of national and institutional policies for academic integrity in HE covering 38 countries in Europe and Eurasia. She continues to be engaged in international working groups and research projects focusing on improving academic integrity and fighting corruption.

Irene Glendinning

Dr Zaw Wai Soe

President of the Myanmar University Rectors Committee & Rector of the University Medicine 1, Yangon

Dr Zaw Wai Soe is an orthopaedic surgeon, physician, and professor who has served as Rector of the University of Medicine 1, Yangon since 2015. He previously served as Rector of the University of Medicine 2, Yangon from 2014 to 2015 and worked as an orthopaedic registrar in Falkirk Royal infirmary, Scotland for 2 years as well as across the health sector in Myanmar. He is President of the Myanmar University Rectors Committee, established in 2018, to drive forward reform in the Myanmar HE sector and also a member of the COVID19 Clinical Management Committee in Myanmar.

Dr Zaw Wai Soe

Mi Mi Myo Win

Head of Programmes, British Council Myanmar

Mi Mi has worked for the British Council for twenty years. Through her work, Mi Mi has designed and developed a range of community leadership and development programmes. She has cross-sectoral experience working on a range of thematic issues - Education, Arts and Social Economic development, fostering youth & professional networks, and is a key player on developing social enterprise eco-system in Myanmar. Mi Mi and team are working to strengthen higher education governance and management capacity via the National Institute for Higher Education Development programme in response to the Myanmar government’s National Education Strategic Plan (NESP).

Mi Mi Myo Win

Jamilya Gulyamova

Deputy Director, British Council Uzbekistan

Jamilya joined the British Council in 2001. She holds a PhD degree in linguistics and language teaching, and was previously Head of the English Department at the Foreign Languages Institute and senior lecturer at the Banking and Finance Academy of Uzbekistan. In 1996 she established and was the founder of the President of Uzbekistan Teachers’ of English Association. Jamilya has extensive experience of leading on and managing complex large-scale regional, national and international projects in the areas of curriculum reform, internationalizing standards in English teaching, research partnerships, quality assurance in education as well as arts. Her international publications are in the areas of Language and Development, Continuing Professional Development, English Reform and Quality Assurance through reform projects and cultural relations.

Jamilya Gulyamova

Dr Stella-Maris Orim

Associate Professor, Coventry University

Stella has worked for over two years in Nigerian HE and over ten years in the UK HE sector. In the last seven years, she has contributed to different HE quality and standards roles and made considerable contributions to several funded research projects into corruption in HE (IPPHEAE, PAICKT, SEEPPAI) and HE Governance (CHEA/CIQG). Her research focuses on corruption in HE provision in Africa (Nigeria and Ghana) and contributes to Transnational (Ghana, Malaysia, Oman) Standards and Quality offerings. She has contributed greatly to the development of the Coventry University Group strategy on Academic Integrity.

Dr Stella Maris Orim

Becky Smith

Assistant Director – International, Advance HE

Becky’s role is to assist governments, national agencies, higher education institutions and individuals on a global basis to enhance performance and achieve their goals to develop higher education (HE) provision. She does this by helping organisations to define their developmental needs and identifying strategic solutions to support them in achieving their goals.

Prior to joining Advance HE in 2017, Becky spent twenty years in academic and professional service roles within universities on three continents. As well as teaching, managing and acting as external examiner for academic programmes in the UK, China and the Netherlands, she established and launched a learning centre and TNE programme for the University of Leeds. Most recently, Becky spent over seven years in Canada where her work in a senior management role focused on business development, partner relations management, international student recruitment and student services at the University of Toronto. Becky is a Member of the International Advisory Committee at China’s prestigious Peking University. She is also Lead Technical Advisor on HE Leadership and Teaching Quality for the UK Government’s ‘Skills for Prosperity’ Programme. She has an MA in Language Teaching, has published research in relation to the use of MOOCs in continuing education and won an award for her work developing an outreach programme to encourage minority students to enter medical degree programmes.

Becky Smith Advance HE

Jo Chaffer

Key Global Associate, Advance HE

Jo has worked extensively as a development trainer providing consultancy and training services to private, public and third sector organizations around the world. Jo’s work adds value by supporting and driving growth, change and resilience through incisive analytical acuity, vibrant and creative working processes and provision of effective interventions and innovative tailored support.

With a ground-up knowledge of regional business and cultural practices plus extensive experience in other cultures, fine-tuned reflexive and facilitative skills and connectivity to the best in global practice, she has an ability to generate high outputs in pressurised, fast-moving or unstable environments.

Jo worked extensively with the Higher Education Commission in Pakistan, developing their national strategy for university-business-community interaction and providing professional development for university and HE college leaders and senior teams. She also assisted the Peruvian HE government agencies in their transformation and modernization and has recently designed and delivered Masters-level university-accredited Leadership Development modules in the UK. Recently, Jo has undertaken a review of HE Leadership Development needs in India for UKIERI and a leadership development programme for aspiring women HE leaders in Uzbekistan. She is also currently working on a programme, supported by the British Council, to develop HE leaders in Myanmar.

Jo was the lead consultant and developer of Researcher Connect, a Newton Fund supported British Council global CPD programme. She is an experienced and qualified trainer known for her excellent communication skills and strong, smooth working relationships.

Jo Chaffer