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Understanding structural inequality: theory, evidence, data and storytelling

Understandings about equality and the impact of related actions.

Understanding structural inequality: theory, evidence, data and storytelling is one of the four strands that are part of our initiative on Tackling structural race inequality in HE’, which will run through our member benefits for 2020-21.

This strand will begin by helping people to explore the concepts of structural race inequality, and how different understandings about equality might impact the way in which we take action.

It will highlight work and knowledge within the sector (and beyond) and critically reflect on issues such as use of data (including categorisation), the strength of story, and how discourses can enable or harm understandings.

Understanding structural inequality

Theory, evidence, data and storytelling is part of our member benefit theme ‘Tackling structural race inequality in higher education’.

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Outputs for this strand

There are three outputs to this strand including a webinar, blog and publication which will provide in depth information on theory, evidence, data and storytelling around structural inequality. 

Webinar 22 January – Understanding structural inequality: data and storytelling for action

Join us for some stimulus talks, conversation and Q&A with our panel of practitioners and researchers as we explore the different ways the higher education sector, institutions and individuals are discussing and understanding structural racism.

What are the challenges and limitations of a data-drive approach? What is the power and role of story and counter story from individuals who study and work within our structures? And, importantly, how does the way we all discuss structural inequality impact on the way we approach change and action?
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Blog - What is structural racism

Advance HE’s blog introducing the theme and ‘What is structural racism’ will be published in January 2021.

Publishing Jan 2021

Publication – Understanding Structural Racism in Higher Education: an introduction

A short guide to support foundational knowledge on structural racism – some key concepts, readings and prompts for further conversation.

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Additional support related to this strand from Advance HE

BAME summit 2019

Race Equality Symposium

Offering insights and solutions to issues of race and racism within higher education
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Group in discussion

Race Equality Charter

Supporting the improvement of representation, progression and success
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Tackling racism on campus: Raising awareness and creating the conditions for confident conversations (funded by the Scotland Funding Council)

An Advance HE Project funded by SFC and led by an expert group of EDI practitioners, academics, tertiary education staff and students in response to findings highlighted in the EHRC inquiry report. 

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Tackling structural race inequality in higher education

There are three other strands in support of this member benefit:

  • Honest, brave and open conversations about race
  • Decolonising identity
  • Meeting the challenge: supporting senior leaders in conversation, change and accountability in addressing race
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