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Advance HE Affiliate Membership

Designed to enable institutional, staff and student success, affiliate membership of Advance HE gives you access to world-leading services which will support you in helping you shape your future in today’s highly competitive HE market.

Choice + Value

From our extensive consultation with you we have identified that the focus of our work should be on providing insight and foresight, accrediting and celebrating success, developing and connecting people, and enhancing organisational performance. In doing this we will build on work in the areas of excellence in education, transformative leadership, equality and inclusion and effective governance.

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If you would like to enquire about Advance HE Membership and the benefits to you, complete the form below and we will be in touch shortly to discuss your requirements.

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Providing choice

To meet the needs of our diverse member institutions our new membership packages are designed to allow you to choose a membership that meets your institution’s needs. Our Affiliate Membership package provides you with the choice of access to a range of Advance HE services designed to
support your institution’s development.

Access to our accreditation services is via Advance HE full Membership. Speak to our membership team or visit to find out more.

Providing Value

We understand it is essential that our new membership supports you to deliver your institutional strategies. We will continue to do this through providing the services and support you have told us that you value, such as working with you to deliver transformational leadership and helping you improve performance through building capacity and capability to implement sustainable change, as well as helping you implement effective governance in a world of new regulation. In addition to this, our membership now offers further new value:

+ Strategic Advisory Groups will consider the major challenges facing our members and will outline how Advance HE should respond, ensuring our services truly meet the needs of our members.
+ We will work with you to agree a programme of national priorities for each UK nation and will develop new knowledge and publications in response to these.
+ Engaging members in developing new insight through Small Development Programme grants.
+ We will use our convening power to connect people to develop solutions in education, equality, leadership and governance to drive synergies and optimise output and impact.
+ We have launched Advance HE Connect – a new networking platform to connect staff at all our member organisations so they can share and collaborate.
+ Through systematically evaluating the impact of our work, we evidence ‘what works’ so you can benefit from accessing best practice support and services.

Creating your membership package

Advance HE Affiliate Membership provides choice and value for a shared purpose, making higher education better for everyone. Your institution can access our range of curated knowledge, research and guidance; participate in our facilitated networks and awards; and benefit from our discounted development and enhancement services.

Your Advance HE Membership includes:

Connecting People


Advance HE Connect

Access for all institutional staff to Advance HE Connect, the online global community platform for individuals, groups and communities in higher education.
Advance HE Connect

Convene and Participate

Opportunities to convene and participate in subject-focused and thematic networks and communities of practice.

Networking Events

Regional member-only networking events to explore what works and share good practice.

Teaching Excellence Awards

Access to the Teaching Excellence Awards (NTFS and CATE).
Teaching Excellence Awards

Foresight and Insight

With over 15 years of resources to access and as convener of current thinking, knowledge and insight into the key sector opportunities and challenges, Advance HE exists to help higher education shape its future. We offer expertise in the areas of excellence in education, transformative leadership, equality and inclusion and effective governance.

Equality Support

Support from Advance HE’s equality specialists via a dedicated referral service plus access to equality reports and publications e.g. the Equality Statistics reports.

Small Development Grant Funding

The opportunity to bid for Small Development Grant funding engaging our community in developing new insight.
Small Development Grants

New Resources and Online Programmes

Access to online programmes, toolkits and webinars designed to expand and share best practice, developed through Strategic Advisory Groups and a national priorities programme:
+ Research Leaders Toolkit
+ Governance Self-Assessment Toolkit
+ Essentials of Budgeting online course
+ NEW Strategic Finance online course (from Autumn)
+ ‘Facing the Future’ webinars – a focus onpreparing for future challenges (every two months)
+ ‘Global Perspectives’ webinars – a focus on learning from global good practice (every two months)


Member-led Strategic Advisory Groups will ensure that we develop work in the above areas that deliver the most value to your institution. This includes influence over the development of new knowledge and publications, shaped to address local, national priorities and exclusive access to the outcomes of this work.

Over 8,000 Support Resources

Access to over 8,000 legacy support resources plus privileged access to new knowledge and resources, covering teaching and learning; equality, diversity and inclusion; leadership and management; and effective governance.
Support Resources

Dedicated Head of Membership

+ A critical friend with strategic understanding of your context, stakeholders and institutional objectives
+ Supporting you to engage with complex challenges and share good practice between member institutions
+ Ensuring you access the services that best support your institutional objectives and help you prepare for emerging challenges and opportunities.

Discounted access to key development and enhancement opportunities

All Advance HE member institutions benefit from:

Full Membership

Full Membership of Advance HE gives you access to all of the benefits seen on this page as well as access to our accredited services, including; Teaching and Learning Accreditation, Athena SWAN Charter, and Race Equality Charter.

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Enquire about Advance HE Affiliate Membership

Complete the form to enquire about Affiliate Membership to Advance HE. Upon completion we will send you the Affiliate Membership brochure and we will be in touch within 2 working days to discuss your requirements.

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