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Collaborative Development Fund

Supporting the development of our members by addressing key sector challenges together.

New challenges, new solutions

All Advance HE members are exclusively invited to apply for the Collaborative Development Fund, providing funded opportunities to help our members more fully understand key strategic issues, develop and share new solutions and innovative practice to the contemporary challenges faced by the sector. Aligning with our key focus for the 2021-22 membership year, funding available will support the projects and lateral themes forming our Connect Benefit Series.

More information will become available over the membership year, please register your interest below to receive updates.

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Collaborative Development Fund 2020 - 21

During the 2020-21 member benefit year, we invited our colleagues at member institutions to apply for the Collaborative Development fund with projects starting in February 2021.

Queen Mary University of London was awarded an education themed project – ‘Developing flexible ecosystems for education that support student success: where are we now, what works and where next?’

The University of Gloucestershire was awarded funding, in collaboration with Perret Laver, the diversity and inclusion in governance project, ‘Board diversity practice project’.

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